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Reservieren Sie telefonisch unter 800-438-7241
Reservieren Sie telefonisch unter 800-438-7241

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Aktivitäten auf Jamaika

Father with sons Half Moon

Jamaika erkunden

Das Motto Jamaikas ist "Out of Many One People" – eine zutreffende Darstellung der vielen Kulturen, aus denen dieses berauschende und erstaunlich schöne Land besteht. Unterwegs werden Ihre Augen für eine Kultur geöffnet, die geradezu berauschend ist, und es werden Ihnen Erlebnisse beschert, die nicht nur interessant sind, sondern für immer unvergesslich bleiben. Jamaika zu erkunden bedeutet eine ständig wechselnde Naturlandschaft, den sinnlichen Rhythmus des Lebens, ein reiches architektonisches Erbe und eine kühne, spannende und turbulente Geschichte zu entdecken.

Der Umfang der Aktivitäten für die Gäste auf Jamaika sind wirklich einzigartig: Sie können auf bewaldeten Wegen in den Blue Mountains wandern, mit Zip-Wiring durch grüne Täler segeln, auf der Veranda eines Plantagehauses am Nachmittag Tee trinken oder einfach Leute treffen und entdecken, wie viel Sie gemeinsam haben.

Touren und Abenteuer in Jamaika

Genießen Sie für ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art Touren und Abenteuer, die Sie in die Schönheit und Kultur Jamaikas eintauchen lassen. Es folgt eine bunte Auswahl von dem, was Jamaika zu bieten hat:

  • Weißwasser-Rafting im Dschungel
  • Greenwood und Rose Hall Great House Tour
  • Black River Sumpf-Safari und Sonnenuntergang in Rick's Café
  • Outameni Kulturerlebnis - eine interaktive Kulturreise. Die Outameni Erfahrung ist eine einzigartige Mischung aus Musik, Kunst, Tanz, Film, Theater und authentisch.
  • Zipline Treetop Canopy Tour
  • Rafting am Fluss Martha Brae
  • Ocho Rios & Dunn's River Falls, Klettern
  • Quadfahren
  • Paradies-Abenteuer-Tour
  • Reliable Abenteuertour – Natur-Tour
  • Highlights der Stadt Falmouth
  • Highlights der Nordküste und der Landschaft Jamaikas

Um Ihre Touren und Abenteuer zu buchen, senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail oder rufen Sie uns unter 888-830-5974 an.

A Day in the Blue Mountains

This thrilling full day excursion will take you to the very heart and soul of Jamaica bringing you high into the Blue Mountains but also introducing you to a little slice of arcadia on the lower slopes.

Led by Lynda Lee Burks, the day begins with an early morning flight to Kingston where you will be met by the driver, pass through the exuberant hustle and bustle of the capital and ascend the foot of the mountains towards Papine. The first stop is Belcour Lodge, a historic 18th century former coffee estate great house and the home of Robin Lumsden and her husband Michael. A noted and celebrated cook and the owner of Belcour Preserves, Robin will cook a hearty brunch which will be served in the great house accompanied by her recounting the fascinating story of her family history. 

After to you leave Belcour, with a copy of Robins's recently published book, your journey will continue high into the mountains and up to Newcastle, home of the Jamaica Defence Force and a former 19th century British military barracks. You will pass through the camp where original buildings still stand and ascend higher to Clifton Mount, a coffee plantation owned by the Sharp family since 1977. It also happens to be the only Rainforest Alliance Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Estate in North America. On a plateau surrounded by an English garden is the estate house, surrounded on all sides by stupendous mountain views. You will be able to see how the coffee is grown, watch it being pressed and naturally, sample it.

From Clifton Mount, the journey continues through Hardware Gap emerging into the other side of the mountains where the flora is immediately more lush, vibrant and intense. Descending slightly you stop at Old Tavern, the first and only single estate coffee plantation in Jamaica owned by Dorothy Twyman and her son. Here the coffee is grown, processed, packed and marketed by the same family. Old Tavern is one of only a handful of coffee estates that produces Peaberry beans. Dorothy and her son David -if he is there will entertain you, show you their process and serve you their coffee which has a fabulous hint of caramel.

From Old Tavern - complete with a pack of coffee you will descend via the utterly lovely Buff Bay Road to the coast and finish the day with a cocktail in either Oracabessa or Ocho Rios before returning to Rose Hall.

The tour operates with a minimum of two persons and a maximum of eight persons. Please contact us directly for prices.

Raten ab Please contact us directly for prices as these vary according to the number of guests travelling.

Stush in the Bush

Stush is one of those wonderful and memorable words that Jamaicans love. In a roundabout way it means living a good and wholesome life as well as valuing what is important. Zionites organic farm owned and run by Chris and Lisa Binns is the embodiment of Stush and within their luxuriant 15 acres surrounded by the loveliest of views you will all too quickly surrender to their charm and this bucolic way of life. 

It takes about an hour and a half to reach Zionites which is high in the hills above the village of Priory in St Ann. Once here, Chris will take you on a tour of the farm, telling you all about the crops and herbs that he grows, explaining how they are used in remedies. As you go so you will taste. Meanwhile, Lisa will be preparing your lunch using the bounty harvested from the farm.

Eventually Chris will lead you to a shady, peaceful tree-clad arbour where a rough-hewn rustic table made by Chris is beautifully laid for lunch and a nearby grill exudes wafts of wood smoke as the embers glow. Here, not only will you eat large and well but also learn from Lisa her secrets of vinaigrettes and marmalades, prepared with all that is grown on their land plus two essential ingredients, love and affection - two words that feature on the label of every jar and bottle. What you eat all depends upon what is in season but suffice to say you will delight in a taste sensation that will remain with you for a very long while.

The tour costs US$140 per person plus tax, departs on Thursday and requires a minimum of 4 people. You will leave Half Moon at around 11.30am, returning by about 5.00pm

Raten ab US$ 140 per person plus tax and which includes lunch

Judy Ann MacMillan, Studio visit and tea at her heritage home

Judy Ann MacMillan is one of Jamaica's foremost academic painters. Born in Kingston but trained in Scotland she brings to her work a unique synthesis of technical ability and subjective intimacy. Returning to Jamaica from her studies in the early 1970's Judy began to establish a name for herself amongst collectors and patrons as she undertook a series of portrait commissions. Her keen sense of observation, classical rendering and her sense of pathos for her subjects brought her public acclaim and success. But she showed herself to be more than just a society painter, she moved towards portraiture with a social conscience, these works quickly finding their way into the National Collection. More recently, Judy has brought her oeuvre together in a publication of her work entitled "My Jamaica" that displays her talents. It also demonstrates her commitment to the island in a way that is sentimental and at times nostalgic.

The tour is by appointment, costs US$175 per person plus tax and requires a minimum of 4 persons. The journey time to Rockfield is about 1 hour 15 minutes with a suggested departure time of 1.00pm and a return by 6.00pm

Raten ab US$ 175 per person plus tax

Laura Facey-Cooper at home, Mount Plenty, St Ann

Controversial, powerful, honest, are words that describe sculptor Laura Facey and her work that has spanned 40 years. At Mount Plenty, a "cattle pen" from the 1700's, you will find Laura interpreting the energy of the rich earth, the lush forests and the constant river. Laura was catapulted to fame in 2003 with the unveiling of "Redemption Song", the controversial monument to emancipation, situated at the entrance to Emancipation Park in the capital, Kingston. Born in Jamaica to a family where a visionary was the norm, Laura studied at the West Surrey College of Art and Design in the United Kingdom and at the Jamaica School of Art. With an English-African father and a British-American mother, Laura says "I'm a Jamaican of mixed family origins. From an early age I've been passionate about the healing of the land and those who inhabit it."

The visit is by appointment and requires a minimum of 4 persons. Price per person is US$175 plus tax. The journey time is around 1 hour 30 minutes with a recommended departure at 12.30pm and a return by 6.00pm.

Raten ab US$ 175 per person plus tax
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